Sunday, March 16, 2008

Policy Innovations, SRI Quantitative Parameters

SRI investors utilize various methods of influencing corporate practice, including social screening of investments, which can ultimately reward positive social impact with greater access to financing.

This paper proposes a method for incorporating social impact factors as a quantitative parameter in investment analysis and a means of facilitating such analysis in practice. These proposals have the potential to integrate social impact factors into quantitative portfolio management techniques that have traditionally been based only on risk and return.

Business Green, UN Report about SRI

Incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions does not jeopardise returns and may even lead to financial benefits, according to a major new study from the UN and investment consultancy Mercer.

Launched today, the Demystifying Responsible Investment Performance report assessed 20 academic studies and 10 broker research reports and found that most concluded that considering ESG factors in investment decisions had a neutral or positive impact on returns.

Pristine Peninsula in North East Brazil

The Marau Peninsula is a remote finger of land buttressed by South America's largest bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Located in the state of Bahia, south of Salvador, the Peninsula is becoming a hot destination for Brazilians and Europeans - both as tourists and as prospective homeowners. This blog describes the opportunities and challenges of development in the region and in North East Brazil.