Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maraú - enroute via Salvador

How does one get to Peninsula de Maraú, known for having one of the top ten beaches in Brazil? 

I chose the "long route" on this trip, as I needed to stop in Salvador, capital of Bahia. 

Day 1 was in Pituba area, which is in the northern part of town. Long beaches, açai shops along the streets, and evening bars to watch soccer while the rush hour traffic mellows down.

Day 2 was in Pelourinho, the colonial part of town, re-built for tourism. It is very worthwhile, with an array of museums and live music options -- especially on Tuesdays. 

Day 3 was the trip to Maraú -- heading to the ferry boat terminal which crosses the Todos Santos Bay for 1hr, and overland to the maritime town of Camamu about 3hrs. Usually at this point I'd take a boat across the bay to Barra Grande, the "village" on the end of the Peninsula, but instead we took the car around to the so-called highway, BR-030. It is a 23 mile dirt road which alternates between smooth grading and horrendous mud-slick potholes, depending on the amount of rain and time since the government machines last graded the road. Luckily, we were only going half-way, just past the municipal center of Maraú, and the trip took 1hrs of bumpiness, only. 

It is a tiring voyage, but the rewards are in the scenery, which slowly becomes more magnificent...

in Pituba area, on the northern part of Salvador

Pelourinho, as seen from Museu Jorge Amado

An artist in a painting shops along the street

The Lacerda elevator which leads from Pelourinho to the harbor

BR-030 "highway" that goes up the Peninsula

Sunset is always spectacular with lakes glimmering next to the roadway

Perhaps next time, I'll probably take the "short route"! That will be via the regional airport of Ilhéus, which is 2hrs from the Peninsula.

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