Monday, April 30, 2012

Report: Green Spotlight on Mexico's Tourism Plans

« Build, Baby, Build ! »  Perhaps it’s not about drilling, but about building, when it comes to Mexico’s tourism planning.

The enthusiastic, all-chips-in approach of some players in the oil industry likewise applies to large-scale resort development, a formula begun with the success of Cancun, and replicated around the country and overseas.

President Felipe Calderon has set ambitious targets for tourism development in Mexico, as described in the previous post.  How will this fit into the sustainability agenda professed by their National Accord for Tourism?  How can they guide their growth so that it has long-term value ?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Will Mexico make a Classy Comeback?

Roughly translated as "no problem, leave it for tomorrow", vacationers and retirees love Mexico's mañana attitude. But to keep tourism dollars rolling in, President Felipe Calderon is not letting that relaxed attitude take hold - at least not at the planning and policy levels.

The country's position has fallen from the world's 7th to 10th place in global tourist arrivals in the last 15 years. Complications with the US-European recession and the drug cartels have contributed to this drop. President Calderon is adamant he can reverse this trend. Very soon.